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Scout PLC


The Scout PLC enables reading input values from a PLC (or any Modbus RTU device) and writing analog and relay control values to a PLC. The connection to the PLC uses the serial connector on the Scout. The protocol is Modbus RTU, where the Scout is the Master and the PLC and other devices are Modbus slaves.

The Scout PLC communicates with 12 or 24 registers in the PLC or Modbus device.

The I/O in the PLC can be any combination of analog (holding registers) or digital points (coils, inputs and status).

Values that are read from the PLC are compared against user-defined limits or changes of state. When those rules are violated, the Scout PLC starts calling up to 8 phone and/or pager numbers to notify personnel of the alarm condition.


  • Monitor Modbus communication link and alarm if loss of communication.
  • Any combination of up to 24 PLC analog, digital or relay points.
  • Dial-in voice-based status of all channels.
  • Remotely program through voice-based prompts.
  • Locally program using the display and keypad.
  • Special display screens to view PLC channel status.


  • PLC and other devices must support Modbus RTU support over a serial link.
  • Serial cable to link the Elite to the PLC.

Things That Make Your Life Easier


  • Integral keypad
  • LCD display
  • Panel or flush mount
  • Listen-In capability
  • Event log
  • Textual channel names so you know exactly what channel is in alarm
  • Pre-programmed or user-spoken messages for unique alarm notification for each condition

Alarm Notification

  • Phone, cell phone or pager
  • User-recorded messages for each input
  • 8-phone numbers to call on alarm
  • Power fail alarm
  • Low battery level alarm
  • Local notification of alarm conditions

Remote Operations

  • Call-in for status
  • Call-in to acknowledge alarms
  • Call-in to program phone numbers and channels


  • NEMA 4X enclosure

Performance You Need for a Reliable System

Physical Characteristics

  • Pluggable connectors
  • 9-12VDC at 500ma
  • 12-hour internal backup battery (included)
  • Aluminum enclosure - 9.34"W x 7.22"H
  • Operating temperature - 0-70C (32-158F)

Programming made simple

  • All programming options are conveniently presented on the LCD display so you can select them using the keypad.
  • For the novice user, options are presented one after another making it easy to setup and modify.
  • For the experienced user, go directly to the option you want to change.
  • Conveniently located on the front panel are the microphone for recording and the speaker for playing back messages.
  • Historical events including all alarms, call-outs, relay controls, and acknowledgments are stored in the Event Log which can be retrieved locally or remotely.

Alarms being monitored

  • Digital status or inputs may be monitored for on/off conditions.
  • Holding registers (analogs) may be monitored for high and/or low conditions.
  • Power failure and low battery are always monitored by the DiaLog Scout PLC.
  • Loss of Modbus communication.

System status

  • System status can be obtained locally from the front panel or remotely over the phone.