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Scout Pump Controller


Physical Characteristics
EnclosureNEMA 4X or flush mount.
Environmental LimitsTemperature: 14 to 131F Humidity: 0-90% non-condensing @ 104F
Power Supply120VAC @ 8.7VA max.
Backup Battery16 hours
Loop PowerIsolated 24VDC @ 50ma
NEMA 4X Dimensions13.75"H x 12.0"W x 6.5"D
Flush Panel Dimensions12.5"H x 10.5"W x 5.25"D
Weight7.2 lbs.
Input and Output Specifications
Pump Relays10 Amp @ 240VAC
Alarm Relays3 Amp @ 240VAC
Level sensor input0-20ma, 4-20ma, 0-10VDC or 2-10VDC
Seal Failure (moisture sensors)Power to sensor: 2.5VDC, 10K to 500K ohms
Over TemperatureDry contact
Warranty1 year
Alarming and Monitoring Specifications
Telephone Numbers8 numbers up to 25 digits each. Numbers may include '*', '#', delays and dial tone detection.
Recorded Speech5 seconds per input channel message and System Identification message
Speech TechnologyDigitally recorded voice messages plus permanent library.
Message RequirementsAlarm message for power failure, low battery and individual 5-second user recorded messages for each input channel and a single 5-second user-recorded message for the system identification.
Local ProgrammingThe system shall be programmable from the front integral keypad with programming prompts displayed on the integral LCD display.
Remote ProgrammingThe system shall be remotely programmable from a phone call-in. The user shall be able to program the telephone numbers, change the channel mode between Call on Alarm and Status Only.
Types of AlarmsThe monitoring/alarm system shall have the following separate alarm types: System - loss of primary power and low battery Digital - on or off for a specified period of timeAnalog - a user-specified high or low limit for a specified period of time All alarms shall be recorded with date/time in the event log.
Alarm AcknowledgementThe system shall provide acknowledgement of alarms from: the front panel, a phone that is called with an alarm condition, a dial-in from a remote location with appropriate access codes. All acknowledgements will be recorded in the event log with the date/time of the acknowledgement, the method of acknowledgement.
Status ReportingA report of all current conditions of the system shall be available when the system is called. The report shall include the name of the unit and current state of all channels.
Event ReportingThe system shall have the capability of documenting all alarms, dial-out, dial-in, and alarm acknowledgement, and relay activations. The event report shall contain the last 100 events. Each event shall have the date/time of the event and the action performed.
Data LoggingThe system shall have the capability of logging all enabled analog channels. The values recorded shall be the daily Maximum and Minimum values and if the engineering units are GPM, the total flow for the day.
Channel ModeEach channel shall be individually programmed for alarm notification or status only.
Alarm NotificationThe system shall be capable of notifying of alarm conditions to a phone or digital pager.
Arming and DisarmingThe system shall be capable of being armed or disarmed manually or remotely. Arming or disarming shall be recorded to the event log..
Listen InIntegral microphone shall be enabled when called enabling the user to listen in to the remote site.