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Wireless and Landline solutions that use the Internet for alarm notification, reporting and tracking.


The RT-Series of products provide a complete wireless or landline solution for monitoring, alarming and reporting on your remote sites. Whether your sties are in cities, rural areas or way off the beaten path, the RT-Series is the solution for you. Each RT unit immediately reports all monitored points as they go into and out of alarm conditions. Each unit also provides scheduled updates providing the status of all monitored points as frequently as every 5 minutes. Whether your input is an on/off condition, a pulse counter or an analog input, the RT-Series can meet your needs.

Alarm and/or status notification is delivery via text-to-speech voice phone calls or e-mail.

Regardless of the hardware needed for any particular application, the user's Internet interface remains the same, making it simple and consistent to use.

The user interface allows a user to set up alarm notification methods based on individual events, like:

  • A switch changing from open to closed or visa versa
  • A run-time meter reaching a pre-determined theshold
  • A counter reaching a pre-determined amount
  • An analog value reaching a high or low limit

The user interface allows generation of reports providing:

  • Every event from a single site or group of sites.
  • All times a specific event has occured over a given period of time at a single site or group of sites.
  • All status values from a single or group of sites.

User's can even send commands to the remote sties to turn relays on/off or provide an immediate status update.

Antx provides several solutions for these issues.

Digital inputs available8844
Analog inputs available0, 2 or 4000
Digital outputs available00up to 2 of the inputs can be outputs0
Run-time counters and alarms
Local user-interfaceLCD display and keypad
LEDs for power, GSM and GPS
LEDs per inputLEDs for power, GSM and GPSLEDs for power and transmit
GPS tracking available 
Mounting optionsNEMA 4XPanel or NEMA 4XPanel or NEMA 4XNEMA 4X
Communication methodGSM/GPRS/GPSLandline or GSM/GPRSGSM/GPRSInmarsat D+
Alarm notification via phone call
Alarm notification via e-mail or text message
Request/receive status via SMS
Change remote parameters via SMS
Complete logs of all alarms
Web-based reporting

Web-based interface showing current status and location

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