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Axeda web-site Axeda provides services to connect, manage, service and track wireless assets anywhere in the world.

For transportation providers, such as truck rental companies, applications built with and deployed on the Axeda Platform to manage their fleet of trucks in all areas of the world and monitor key conditions, such as oil pressure, engine temperature, and fuel consumption. As a result, transportation providers and distributors can:
  • Reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions by providing drivers with recommendations on the most fuel-efficient routes
  • Monitor key conditions of the truck, improving customer satisfaction by helping to avoid unscheduled service repairs
  • Cut transport costs, cut cycle time of containers, an detect transport deviations
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Borg web-site BorgSolutions® is the leading provider of fleet management solutions that effectively reduce operating, labor and other costs for construction, oil & gas, fleet rental and transportation companies. Its flagship platform, Borg Fleet, empowers customers to easily manage all aspects of their fleet's operations, and utilizes real-time data analytics for predictive maintenance and repair scheduling, parts, inventory and fuel management, and various otherwise time-intensive, costly tasks.

Founded and managed by construction industry veterans, BorgSolutions provides today's budget-conscious manager with the tools necessary to meet the demands of a recessionary economy, and is alone in its position to deploy comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solutions that reduce IT costs, increase organizational profitability and maximize resources.

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GEOTelematic web-site Provides GPS asset tracking, vehicle and engine reporting. In use in over 90 countries on every continent.

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HCSS web-site Provides construction estimating and job management software to the heavy and highway construction industries.

VectrGPS - streamlines trucking operations, provides true-up field reporting, automates preventitive maintenance tracking, curbs theft and unauthorized use of equipment and provides real-time reporting and costing.

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Intermedix web-site Intermedix is uniquely equipped with the Fleeteyes application to meet the needs of modern emergency fleet management with solutions addressing agency interoperability and AVL systems integration, by empowering field supervisors, and leveraging mobile GPS devices for precise, timely dispatch of services.

Fleeteyes provides a real-time view of incident locations, staging areas, hospitals, and landing zones as well as the ability to track and display vehicle locations, weather, hospital status, traffic, camera views, and other data feeds - all while reducing response times and miles driven.

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LOFA Industries web-site LOFA is a leading manufacturer of industrial engine controls and accessories. LOFA has a reputation for quality products which monitor and control engines utilizing advanced semiconductor and microprocessor technology.

Its products are used for applications including: dewatering, irrigation, forestry, construction, power generation, and a variety of other off-highway applications.

LOFA's turn-key solutions, designed for both mechanically governed and CANbus based J1939 electronically governed engines, provide engine monitoring, protection, diagnostics, and control.

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M2M Datacorp web-site Provider of remote monitoring and control services to the oil and gas, water/wastewater, power generation, and heavy equipment industries.

M2M Data Corporation has been leveraging a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to deliver remote asset and equipment management and monitoring solutions since 1999. Our monitoring solutions take distributed asset monitoring and assessment to a new level of accuracy and timeliness.

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Mersino web-site Mersino offers dewatering, bypass pumping, one-pass trenching and power generation to corporations, construction and municipalities across the globe.

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Pedigree Technologies web-site Provides the OneView applications suite allowing flexible and customized realtime reporting and tracking of equipment, both powered and non-powered.

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Position Logic web-site Position Logic is a leading B2B location-based services provider committed to supporting clients' business with integrated applied business intelligence, precision technology, and customized services and solutions.

They understand their clients' business and their needs, empowering them with the tools, information, and solutions imperative for succeeding in the industry.

They are based in Naples, Florida, providing services both nationally and internationally, with software and solutions utilized worldwide.

Position Logic primarily concentrates on providing business solutions that address the areas of enterprise asset management,in-house asset tracking solution, GPS asset tracking, advanced security control platform and professional consulting services.

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RASTRAC web-site RASTRAC® is a leading GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solution for companies of all sizes. Since 1993, they have provided GPS tracking solutions to companies all over the world to help them reduce their operating expenses. Their GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solutions can help you reduce unnecessary costs on everything from excess fuel usage to costly vehicle breakdowns, and more.

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