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Elite 200/500


A hardware-based alarm notification, acknowledgement and status solution for integrating to SCADA and/or PLC-based systems. Up to 200 or 500 different conditions can be monitored, including analog values like: level, flow rates, pressure, temperature, RPM, voltage, Hz, etc. as well as digital on/off conditions like: high and low level alarms, motor failures, intrusion, generator failure or start, etc.

Additionally, the Elite 200/500 provides automatic calculation of motor run times, total starts and totalized flow. The Modbus RTU Master or Slave communication allows the Elite to operate immediately with virtually any SCADA or PLC system.


Superior reliability than software-based alarm systems

Dedicated hardware-based alarm systems provide much higher reliability than using a software-based alarm system.

  • When was the last time you had to reboot your PC or server? Typical operation for the Elite is - turn it on and NEVER REBOOT it.
  • Of course if you lose AC power and the backup battery runs out, then you will have to turn it on again - but how often does that happen, especially when the backup battery runs for over 48 hours?

Elite can query the SCADA or PLC system

The Elite 200 or 500 can read values directly from the SCADA or PLC system, compare current values you user-defined limits and call-out to lists of phone numbers based on the priority of the condition. The Elite 200/500 even alarms when the SCADA or PLC system does not respond. In these installations, the Elite 200/500 operates as a Modbus Master.

Elite can be told when alarms occur

For installations that want to have the SCADA system determine when something is in alarm, the Elite 200/500 can be 'told' that a condition is in alarm, causing the Elite to initiate call-outs to lists of phone numbers. Again, the Elite 200/500 can perform alarm calls when communication has been lost to the SCADA or PLC system. In these installation, the Elite 200/500 operates as a Modbus Slave

Alarm notification where you need it when you need it

The Elite 200/500 can notify people via cell phone, pager, text pager, fax and radio. You can even get a fax report of all channels when any alarm occurs.

When an alarm call is made, the Elite provides a user-recorded message unique to each condition being monitored. The user can acknowledge the alarm and optionally further interrogate the Elite for additional information on any channel being monitored.

Want to know what is going on from a remote location?

Users can call the Elite from a phone or PC any time to get the current status of any or all channels being monitored. For example, if you want to know the level of a tank, call in and get a message like: "Concord Industries tank farm. Tank 2X level is 34.7 feet"


The Elite 200/500 can be programmed via PC that is either locally connected or remotely connected via a modem. No special program is required since the Elite has a complete menu system built in that prompts the user for all entries - including copying channels, printing reports of all programming and Modbus registers and viewing current status.

Programming can also be performed or reviewed through the local keypad and display.


Communication between the Elite and the SCADA or PLC system is via either RS-232 or RS-485 serial connection.

Dynamic alarm display

When any condition (channel) goes into alarm, the display instantly shows that channel's name, the current value and alarm condition.

If more than one channel is in alarm, then all channels are shown one after another.

Alarm types

On/Off conditions:

  • When a condition changes state from ON-OFF or from OFF-ON
    • for example, when a high level float closes
  • When a condition changes a pre-defined number of times
    • for example, when a motor has cycled on more than 10 times in a day
  • When a condition meets a time limit
    • for example, when a pump has run for more than 30 minutes at a time

Analog conditions:

  • Independent low and high limits
    • for example, when the pressure in a distribution line exceeds 90 psi or drops below 40 psi
  • Rate of change alarms
    • for example, when the level in a tank drops more than 5000 gallons in 5 minutes