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DiaLog Online


DiaLogOnline provides web-based access to remotely located DiaLog Elite units. With DiaLogOnline, users can view the current status, view the history of events and be notified when communication with the Elite is not possible.

At the heart of DiaLogOnline is the Antx Network Operations Center, NOC. The NOC houses the Antx servers that provide communication, storage and access control with the DiaLog Elite and is monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to guarantee system availability. The NOC has redundant power, auxiliary generators and UPS to provide backup power. The database is fully redundant and provides a secure environment keeping each customer's information private and separate.

DiaLogOnline calls remote DiaLog Elite units to retrieve status, events and diagnostic information. That information is stored on the web server for viewing, analyzing and reporting as users desire. DiaLogOnline performs calls to each Elite based on a predefined schedule unique to each Elite. Additionally, authorized users can request real-time data be uploaded at any time.

What a user sees when they log in

When a user has entered their username and password, they are presented with a screen showing all the remote units they can access. There is no limit on the number of remote units a user or company can have.

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From the Site Selection screen, user's can view the current status of the remote unit or view the event log in the unit.

Viewing Real-time and Historic Data

Each remote Elite is called on a user-specified schedule to move the current status and event logs onto DiaLogOnline. While viewing this historic information, users can request that real-time data be displayed.

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Remote Site Verification

DiaLogOnline calls each remote Elite on a schedule to confirm that it is still operating and able to perform alarm notification. If the unit is not capable of normal operation, an e-mail is sent to designated personnel notifying them of the problem. This is particularly valuable, so that you know if there is a problem with the cell phone or phone line used to send alarm notifications, thus avoiding possible liability issues.

Monthly service customized to meet each customer's need

DiaLogOnline is offered as an annual service. Customers may choose the package that best suits their needs for accessing the desired information from each Elite.