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The Beacon is the world's first landline- or wireless-based remote monitoring system to provide web-based alarm notification coupled with an interactive mapping system for viewing and reviewing remote sites.

The Beacon provides an extremely low-cost solution for remote monitoring that is easy to install, dependable and brings the power of the internet to monitoring your asset.

How the Beacon Works

The Beacon connects to either a landline phone connection or an integrated GSM cellular connection, and up to 8 monitored conditions. When any of the conditions changes state, the Beacon calls the Antx Remote Tracking system via a toll-free number and transmits the unique site identification number and the state of all monitored conditions.

The Remote Tracking system performs any user-specified alarm notifications via e-mail, text-messaging and/or voice calls and also records all the information for future reporting.

Users can logon to the Antx Remote Tracking system at any time from anywhere using a web-browser and their secure username and password. Once logged in, users can view current data on an interactive map, generate reports from historic data, modify alarm notification lists and configure unique names for any and all conditions monitored.

The Antx Remote Tracking system is provided as a service with a nominal annual service fee. Included in the fee are unlimited number of alarms, unlimited number of notifications and 2 username/password accounts - full-aceess and limited access.

Click on Additional Views under the diagram on the right for detailed screens on the Antx Remote Tracking system.

Powerful features that provide real benefit

  • 8 dry-contact input channels
  • Quick disconnect plugs for easy wiring
  • No local programming - just wire up an you are ready to test
  • LEDs for power, phone and each input channel
  • Integral mounting feet for easy installation
  • Power supply is included
  • Alarm notification via voice phone calls, text-messaging and/or e-mail
  • Web-based interactive maps show your site and its latest conditions
  • Web-based text-to-voice alarm messaging allows delivering as detailed a message as necessary
  • Alarm events become historical data on the web
  • Alarm notification going into and/or out of alarm conditions (i.e. Normally Open or Normally Closed alarms)
  • Connects to any landline phone line
  • Only connects to the line when it needs to call
  • Automatically retries if the call is unsuccessful
  • No phone charges

Uses for the Beacon

  • Commercial and Industrial
    • Tank levels too high/low
    • HVAC failures
    • Motor or pump failures
    • Pump station alarms
    • Intrusion alarms
    • Discrete manufacturing machine alarms
    • Temperatures too high or low
    • High humidity
    • Liquid leaks
    • Motion detection
  • Residential
    • Aerobic septic system alarms
    • HVAC failures
    • High humidity
    • Condensate level too high
    • Intrusion alarms
    • Water leaks
    • Temperatures too high or low
    • Liquid leaks
    • Motion detection

Alarm Notification Features

  • Each alarm event has a user-defined name which allows unique alarms to be delivered for each event
  • Separate events are generated for going into and out of each alarm condition
  • Users can specify up to 8 phone numbers to call from each event
  • Unlimited text-messages and e-mails can be sent for each event.
  • Each notification to a phone provides a text-to-voice message that can include:
    • the name of the site
    • the event name
    • date and time of the event
    • address, city and state of the site, and
    • condition of all monitored inputs

Installation and Wiring