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Water Plant Controller

The Elite Water Plant Controller is a flexible and powerful solution for monitoring wells, storage tanks, distribution lines and booster pumps for small to mid-sized water plants.

Depending on the terrain in the area, the wells and tanks may be in the same proximity or some distance apart. Regardless, the Elite Water Plant Controller provides control and monitoring for the entire system - from controlling wells based on tank level to controlling booster pumps based on distribution pressure and everything in between.

  • For those tanks that are remote to the wells, the Elite Water Plant Controller integrates wireless communication to get the tank level to the water plant.
  • Even if the tank is not 'line-of-sight' to the water plant, the Elite is the solution as one can be located at the tank and provide communication over cellular networks.

Plants that are always unmanned are protected 24/7 by the Elite, monitoring all operational conditions and intrusion and maintenance personnel visits.

The Elite Water Plant Controller consists of 2 main components that are housed in separate NEMA 4X enclosures and pre-wired:

  • Pump Control box that contains HOA switches, alternators, run lights, sensor power and DIN-rail mounted field connections.
  • DiaLog Elite that provides control, remote monitoring and alarm notification.
Tank level from sensor
  • High level alarm
  • Wells off level
  • Well on levels (up to 4)
  • Low level lockin to allow boosters to run again
  • Low level lockout to disable boosters running
Distribution pressure from sensor
  • Over pressure alarm
  • Boosters off pressure
  • Boosters on pressure (up to 4)
  • Low pressure alarm
Flow meter for instantaneous and total daily flow (optional)
Hydrostatic tank pressure control (optional)
Chlorinator pump/solenoid control when wells are running
Alarms for all well and booster pump failures
Phase fault monitor alarm
CL sensor or detector alarm
Intrusion alarm
Moisture on the floor alarm (optional)
CL residual from analyzer (optional)
Pump run-times and cycles for wells
Record each pump cycle to compute well recovery time (optional)

Landline-based and Cellular Systems

Alarm notification

  • Up to 512 numbers
  • User-recorded voice messages
  • Phone, cell, pager, modem and fax

Remote capabilies

  • Call-in to receive current conditions, pump run-times and cycles
  • Change level and pressure setpoints via phone or modem
  • Control relays for pump activation
  • Retrieve event and data logs