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Elite PLC

Many larger water plants have PLCs monitoring and controlling operations. If these plants are unmanned or manned with a reduced staff at non-peak hours, it is often desirable to provide an alarm notification system that interfaces to the PLC. Additionally, these plants typically have security related conditions that are typically not part of the PLC control and these can be connected to the alarm notification system as well.

The Elite PLC platform provides a highly flexible and easy-to-use alarm notification system that can interface directly to the PLC via Modbus RTU and provide additional physical I/O for monitoring conditions that are not part of the PLC system.

Up to 72 conditions can be monitored directly from the PLC and provide alarm notification to appropriate personnel - even automatically switch between notifying on-site personnel during working hours and off-site personnel at other times.

Some typical alarms are:

  • PLC stops communicating
  • Power failure
  • Mixing, settling or filtering tank levels too high/low
  • Alum, chlorine, CO2 levels too high/low
  • Pump and motor failures
  • Excessive pump/motor cycling