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DiaLog products have been used in the municipal and industrial wastewater market for over 20 years, providing alarm notification and monitoring of remote and unattended facilities. While initially providing simple alarm notification for loss of power and high level, many facilities have added diagnostic information to reduce the number of site visits and increase time between equipment failures.

Operations personnel are continually challenged to prevent overflows, reduce pump cycling, prolong the life of pumps, limit and report access - all as economical as possible. DiaLog products have been addressing these needs since 1983.

Whether you need to monitor just a few critical conditions or up to 200, using landlines, cell-phone or radio transmission, as a stand-alone system or integrated with SCADA, the DiaLog line has a solution.

Lift stations

  • Monitor level either with a float switch, pressure sensor or level transmitter.
  • Alarm when level is too high.
  • Alarm when primary power or power to a phase monitor is dropped.
  • Compute run-times and cycles on pumps to confirm even use in duplex, triplex and quad systems.
  • Provide automatic reporting of pump statistics.
  • Provide remote access to all monitored conditions via phone or PC.
  • Transmit tank level from remote tanks to control system either via radio transmission or, if there is no line-of-sight, by cellular phone.

Small plants

  • Monitor and alarm on primary power failure.
  • Monitor and alarm motor failures from settling ponds, aeration basins or effluent.
  • Monitor and alarm on high levels from floats or level sensors.
  • Provide remote access to all monitored conditions via phone or PC.
  • Provide interface with existing or future SCADA.
  • Provide hardware-based alarm notification from PLCs or loss of communication with PLCs.
  • Provide automatic power cycle on PLC upon loss of communication.

Larger plants

  • Provide hardware-based alarm notification from SCADA system or PLCs.
  • Provide alarms when SCADA system communication stops.
  • Provide remote access to all monitored conditions via phone or PC.