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Rental Equipment


The rental equipment market is continuously challenged with "how and when to service equipment efficiently".

When equipment is rented and the customer takes the responsibility of maintenance.

  • How often is it maintained they way you want it?
  • Does it ever run too long between changing fluids?
  • Is the engine ever run at a higher RPM than was preset?
  • Does it ever move to locations that are not appropriate?
  • How do you know if and when the fluids have been changed?

When equipment is rented and you take the responsibility for maintenance.

  • How long does it take your service person to find the equipment when they go to do service?
  • How often do you go to do service only to find that service is not required because the equipment has not run much?
  • How often do you get to the equipment and find that it has not run for 150 hours, but has run for 350 hours?
  • How often is it run out of fuel and now needs to be primed?

In all of these situations, if you knew what was going on and when, you could better manage your fleet and dramatically reduce maintenance costs.

Antx provides several solutions for these issues.

Service Interval alarms
Equipment shutdown alarm
General purpose alarms available
  • Fuel level
  • High temp
  • Low pressure
  • Over RPM
  • other
Location tracking 
Alarm notification via phone call  
Alarm notification via e-mail or text message
Call-in for status  
Complete logs of all alarms
Web-based reporting Optional