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The Scout-RT is a fully integrated system designed for the Rental Equipment markets' rugged and often remote environment. The Scout utilizes a GSM wireless cell-phone for communication of alarms directly to people or to the Internet and then to people.

It comes in a NEMA 4X enclosure that contains a GSM or GSM/GPS cell-phone, backup battery, enclosure mounted antenna, 12VDC fused connections for connection to external battery and master on/off switch for external and internal batteries.

The Scout-RT continuously monitors up to 8 digital and 4 analog conditions as well as current location. When any of the conditions meets a user specified limit, the Scout sends alarm messages either directly to people or to the Internet, which in turn notifies people of alarm conditions. Users can adjust the programming on the Scout through the integral front panel and display or make operational changes via pre-defined buttons from the Internet.

Whether you use the Scout-RT as a stand-alone system or with the power of the Internet, you can be assured that you will reap the benefits of servicing your equipment faster and more efficiently.

Service Interval alarms
Equipment shutdown alarm
General purpose alarms available
  • Fuel level
  • High temp
  • Low pressure
  • Over RPM
  • other
Analog monitoring- Levels, RPM, Pressure, Temperature
Location tracking
Alarm notification via phone call
Alarm notification via e-mail or text message
Call-in for status
Complete logs of all alarms
Web-based reporting
  • tracking
  • history of track
  • geo-fence alarms
  • alarms for service interval, start/stop, too many cycles, over temp, etc.
  • call-in for status
  • report closest service center on alarm
  • history and reporting of all events