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Power Stations/Sub-Stations


Many power substations do not have continuous monitoring due to the expense of installing monitoring equipment and central software. However, the need for monitoring still exists.

Travel to remote locations or expensive communications infrastructure are not feasible solutions for routine substation monitoring. In many cases, you need to gather data at regular intervals, weekly, daily, or even hourly to determine the health of the substation, including monitoring:

  • Alarms
  • Equipment
  • Meter readings

Antx provides solutions based on either the DiaLog Scout or Elite to monitor conditions and report when failures or alarms exist. The Antx products consist of dedicated hardware located at the substation that takes inputs from a variety of equipment that is already present at the substation. When an alarm condition exists, the Antx products notify appropriate personnel of the exact condition and optionally store the log of events to the Internet.

Typical monitored conditions

  • Loss of DC power
  • Main generator start or fault
  • Backup generator start or fault
  • Ground fault to Volt line
  • Transformer temperature
  • Station battery level
  • Fuel tank level low
  • Bank High Voltage Breakers


  • Read all data from existing annunciator or other device via Modbus RTU
  • Read inputs from 2 to 48 digital or analog connections
  • Read data from 8 to 72 Modbus RTU inputs
  • Alarm notification via landline, cellular phone or radio modem
  • Programmable locally or remotely
  • Interface to SCADA now or in future
  • Alarm notification to phone, pager, text message, fax, modem
  • Call-in for status