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Power Stations/Sub-Stations

Scout PLC

The ScoutPLC, SPLC, is a powerful, low-cost RTU that can also provide direct alarm notification to designated personnel when critical conditions warrant.

As an RTU, the SPLC communicates with a central SCADA system via Modbus RTU over a direct connection or radio modem. Inputs to the SPLC come from various station monitoring devices that have Modbus RTU communications capabilities. The SPLC has a local user interface that provides easy access to the current status of all monitored points, something not found on most RTUs.

If the communication line from the SPLC to the SCADA stops for any reason, the SPLC can call out using a landline or cellular phone to alert personnel of the loss of communication as well as any other conditions.

To assist in post-event diagnosis, the SPLC has a 100 entry time-stamped data log and a 100 entry time-stamped event log. These can be retrieved the local display or PC connection.

Power quality
Capacitor banks
Voltage regulators
Loss of DC power
Main and backup generator starts or faults
Ground faults to Voltage lines
Transformer temperature
Station battery level
Fuel tank level low

ScoutPLC Capabilities

  • Monitor up to 24 Modbus inputs
    • read/write holding or register
    • read/write coils
    • read digital status
  • Provide alarm/status notification via phone or cell
  • Interface to SCADA via direct or radio modem connection
  • Programmable locally or remotely
  • Battery backup
  • Call-in for status
  • 100 entry event log
  • 100 entry data log