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Power Stations/Sub-Stations


The Elite is a powerful remote monitoring system that can also provide direct alarm notification to designated personnel when critical conditions warrant.

Physical inputs to the Elite can be a mixture of analog and digital signals to match your particular needs. The Elite has a local user interface that provides easy access to the current status of all monitored conditions.

To assist in post-event diagnosis, each Elite has a 10,000 entry time-stamped data log and a 1,000 entry time-stamped event log. These can be retrieved via radio-modem, dial-in from a PC, local PC connection or attached printer.

Power quality
Capacitor banks
Voltage regulators
Loss of DC power
Main and backup generator starts or faults
Ground faults to Voltage lines
Transformer temperature
Station battery level
Fuel tank level low

Elite Capabilities

  • Monitor up to 48 analog inputs
    • 4-20ma or 0-10VDC
    • converted to engineering units
    • 2 limits per input
    • rate of change alarms per input
  • Monitor up to 48 digital input
    • dry or 0-24VDC
    • counter with counter limit per input
    • time totalizers with limit per input
  • Provide alarm/status notification via phone or cell
  • Programmable locally or remotely
  • Battery backup
  • Call-in for status
  • 1,000 entry event log
  • 10,000 entry data log