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The DiaLog Elite provides a comprehensive solution for most landfills and landfill treatment stations.

For smaller landfills, users want to prevent overflows from either loss of power or failure of pumps. At larger landfills, users additionally want to monitor leachate treatment, flow rates, flare system and gas emissions.

Typical conditions that are monitored and provide alarm notification:

  • High leachate or ground water level alarm from a level sensor
  • High explosive gas emissions level
  • Flare system failure
  • Leachate and groundwater level
  • Leachate flow and total flow
  • Leachate treatment failure
  • Pump failures
  • Pump cycling too often
  • Loss of power

Landline and cellular-based systems

Alarm notification

  • Up to 512 numbers
  • User-recorded voice messages
  • Phone, cell, pager, fax

Remote capabilies

  • Call-in to receive current conditions, level, flow, pump run-times and cycles
  • Receive data logs
  • Programming via phone, PC or internet
  • SCADA monitoring