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Heating, Refrigeration and Storage


Dialog products have been monitoring HVAC equipment for over 20 years - from simple temperature too-high alarms to controlling vents in greenhouses based on temperature.

The HVAC industry has a wide variety of needs and Antx has products that provide solutions for many of these including:


Food storage temperatures in schools that are required to meet USDA guidelines.

  • dry storage, refrigerated and frozen

Food storage facilities

  • refrigeration and freezer temperatures
  • doors open too long
  • compressor failures or faults

Vaccine and blood storage to meet FDA guidelines.

  • refrigeration and freezer temperature profiles and alarms

Pharmaceutical and medical research sample storage

  • refrigeration, freezer and incubation temperature profiles and alarms


  • wall-in cooler/freezer temperature and compressors
  • HVAC system failures in compressor and condensers

Data centers

  • temperature alarms in server rooms and equipment closets
  • moisture on the floor
  • AC leak detection
  • AC failure on safety

Offices with auxiliary HVAC systems

  • temperature alarms
  • AC failure on safety
  • AC leak detection

General HVAC systems

  • compressor failures
  • inlet/outlet temperature differentials
  • inlet/outlet pressure differentials
  • AC unit failure
  • chiller, boiler and cooling tower alarms
  • AC leak detection
  • condenser water pump failure

The HVAC industry requires a cost effect means of monitoring and retrieving information from their mechanical equipment upon failure or operation outside of desired ranges.

By using simple continuous monitoring with immediate notification to appropriate personnel, service contractors can provide much improved response time and customer service and owners/managers an provide better living and working conditions to their tenants - and keep them for years to come.

Antx's line of monitoring and alarm systems allows for a low-cost solution to monitor, notify and log conditions when they are outside of desired operating conditions.

Benefits to Service Contractors, Owners/Managers and Tenants - a Win-Win-Win scenario

  • Reduce tenant turnover
  • Minimize business disruptions and equipment down time
  • Reduce loss of refrigerated and frozen product
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Monitor contractor and equipment performance
  • Increase equipment life by fixing issues before they are large problems
  • Service personnel arrive with the right equipment because they know what is wrong