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The Scout products are low-cost, high-performance monitoring and alarming systems. Scouts have been servicing the HVAC market since they were introduced in 2001.

A key benefit that the Scout brings to the HVAC market is it's capability to monitor not only temperature, but virtually any sensor or fault input. This makes it ideal for installations in facilities that have multiple types of equipment.

The Scout not only notifies designated personnel of problems, but the Scout can be called at any time to interrogate conditions being monitored - even get current temperatures, pressures and humidity readings.

By including a cell-phone, the Scout becomes a powerful wireless solution that can be dedicated to a single installation or used as a portable monitoring unit.

Monitor refrigerators to alarm when temperature exceeds preset temperature (e.g. 40F)
Monitor freezers to alarm when temperature exceeds preset temperature (e.g. 28F)
Monitor various rooms and alarm when temperature exceeds user-defined high or low limit
Monitor alarms from:
  • AC unit, boiler, chiller, cooling tower, compressor, condenser
  • AC leaks
  • Moisture and humidity sensors
Monitor various temperatures and turn on a fan, AC unit or other equipment when the temperature exceeds a limit 
Monitor temperatures, pressures, humidites, log the daily min/max, and alarm on user-defined high and low limits  
Call-in to find the current temperature in any area  

The Scout has built-in display and keypad allowing for easy programming and viewing of monitored conditions.

Each Scout also has an internal backup battery so alarms are even delivered upon loss of power.

Alarm notification can be made to 8 designated personnel via phone or pager, and additionally via e-mail and SMS text message if equipped with a cell-phone.