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Gas Compressor Stations


The DiaLog Elite provides a comprehensive solution for many larger gas compressor stations.

At large compressor or transfer stations, users want to prevent compressor stoppage if possible while protecting the expensive equipment. The Elite provides a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring and reporting to SCADA systems and alarming via different communications paths.

For very critical facilities, the Elite will communicate via radio to the SCADA system and have both landline and cellular phone communication as backups for communication for SCADA and alarms.

Typical conditions that are monitored are:

Typical Monitored ConditionsSent to SCADA via modem or radioAlarm notification via cell-phone or landline
Pipeline inlet and outlet pressure 
High explosive gas emissions level 
Engine speed 
Exhaust temperature 
Separator level 
Flow rate 
Primary power voltage to the monitor 
Backup battery voltage to the monitor 
Compressor failure
High temperature
Excessive or low pressure
Gas leak detection

Landline and cellular-based systems

Alarm notification

  • Up to 512 numbers
  • User-recorded voice messages
  • Phone, cell, pager, fax

Remote capabilies

  • Call-in to receive current conditions, flow rates, temperature pressure, etc.
  • Receive data logs
  • Programming via phone, PC or internet
  • SCADA monitoring