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Building Operations


The DiaLog Elite provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for monitoring from 8 to 48 conditions in a building. This provides an easily expandable platform that can handle a wide variety of monitoring - from temperature and humidity to intrusion and even interface to Building Management Systems.

Whether the application is as simple as notifying a maintenance person that the power is out or as complex as monitoring 16 different zones the Elite provides the capability needed for your facility today and tomorrow.

Typical conditions that are monitored and provide alarm notification via cell-phone or landline are:

Power failure
Condensate level too high
Compressor or condenser failure
Backup generator weekly startup
Backup generator fuel level
High temperature alarm
High humidity alarm
Leak detection
Sump pump failure
Moisture on floor
Actual temperature/humidity in zones
Notify different personnel based on type of alarm condition (security, HVAC, police, etc.)
Interface to Building Management System
Backup for existing security system
Backup for existing fire system
Control fans, horns, lights, zones

Landline-based and cell-phone based systems

Alarm notification

  • Up to 512 numbers, divided into 16 zones
  • User-recorded voice messages
  • Phone, cell, pager, alpha pager, fax
  • Call different personnel based on time of day and day of week

Remote capabilities

  • Call-in to receive current conditions, data and event log
  • Programming via phone
  • Activation/de-activation of relays for horns, lights, fans, etc.

Integration with Building Management System (BMS)

The Elite can communicate directly with most BMS packages via Modbus RTU protocol. This allows the Elite to read information from the BMS to perform alarm calls and for the BMS to monitor the Elite, which may be monitoring conditions that are not part of the BMS.