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SCADA Integration


The Antx Elite provides a very cost-effective solution for interfacing remote facilities to centralized SCADA systems.

A very typical situation is for a company to need remote monitoring/alarming now but not being able to afford a complete SCADA system at the time. However, their future plans call for integrating SCADA into at least some of the more critical sites.

Preserve your capital investment

Antx products provide a solution for both situations - low-cost remote monitoring now that can be upgraded to SCADA later - while preserving 100% of your capital investment.

Current situation: Elite units provide remote monitoring and alarm notification via landline or cellular phone connections.

The upgrade process consists of:

  • Enable Modbus RTU communication on each Elite - this is accomplished via a phone call by Antx into the Elite
  • All existing field wiring is kept intact - saving lots of time and money
  • Add radio modem or other communication device to communicate with SCADA
  • Map SCADA points to Elite Modbus registers
  • Cancel telephone accounts for each of the remote Elite units

Final solution: Each selected remote Elite is upgraded to provide Modbus RTU communication to integrate with the new SCADA.

Advantages of this approach

The time and money spent putting in the initial monitoring system that utilizes landlines or cellular connections is not lost.

  • All of the time confirming the wiring is correct, the settings in the monitoring system match the inputs, all analog values are converted to engineering units properly - is preserved.
  • The expense of the hardware is totally preserved, as you are re-using it completely.
  • Can have some Elite units communicate to SCADA and leave other alone.
  • No retraining personnel on how to use the remote monitoring equipment
  • Local user interface at each remote location - typically not found on RTUs or PLC-based systems
  • Can use cellular or landline as the communication to the SCADA if it does not need to be radio.