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Cell Phone Monitoring and Alarming


All DiaLog products can utilize cell-phones for monitoring and alarm notification, allowing installation where land-lines are not practical.

Temperature MonitorsScoutScout PLCAll Elite Models
Alarm call-out to pagers/phones
Status call-in
Alarm call-out to alphapagers, fax and modem   
Alarm call-out to SMS-text message and e-mail  
Cellular service supported for voice call-out and call-inCDMA, GSMCDMA, GSMCDMA, GSMCDMA, GSM
Cellular service supported for PC call-inCDMA, GSMCDMA, GSMCDMA, GSMCDMA, GSM
Communicate between multiple units GSMGSMGSM

In addition to providing alarming and monitoring, the DiaLog Elite supports communication between multiple units over cellular or cellular in combination with landline services.

Typical uses for this capability are:

  • Monitoring a condition at one location and controlling equipment at another location
  • Monitoring, viewing and controlling the conditions of a remote Elite on a local Elite