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Cell Phone Monitoring and Alarming


Any Elite can be configured with a cell-phone to provide alarm notification. Elites can also have both a landline and cellular phone line connected and automatically switch between them if one line goes out.

Multiple Elites can even use cell-phones to communicate information for control. An example of this is to monitor a remote water tower and control wells when line-of-sight does not exist between the two sites.

The application requires that a water tanks level be monitored and used to control on or more well pumps to maintain the level for distribution pressure. If there is line-of-sight between the tower and the wells, then wireless transmission of the level would be used, but since there is no line of sight, a complete cellular network is used.

Tower Elite

The Elite at the tower monitors the current level of the tank via a level sensor, typically a 4-20ma pressure transmitter. The Elite provides as many independent setpoints as are needed to control from 1 to 12 wells. When the level reaches a 'well on' setpoint, the Tower Elite calls the Well Elite via cell phone, creates a Modbus network and turns on appropriate relays in the Well Elite.

When the Well Elite successfully turns on the relays, the Tower Elite stops calling.

If the Well Elite is not reached or is not successful in turning on relays, the Tower Elite calls designated personnel to let them know the 'well on' was unsuccessful.

When the level in the tank rises to the 'well off' level, the Tower Elite calls the Well Elite and turns off the relays for the pumps.

If the level sensor stops malfunctions or there intrusion is detected, the Tower Elite calls designated personnel to inform them of this condition.

The cell-phone and Elite are mounted in a NEMA 4X enclosure with or without external antenna, depending on strength of cellular service.

Well Elite

The Well Elite controls from 1 to 12 well pumps based on the level in the remote tank. When a well pump is turned on a 'fail-safe' max run timer can be started to alarm in the event that the well pump is not told to turn off by the Tower Elite.

The Well Elite not only controls the well pumps, but also computes the number of cycles and run-times for each pump, and alarms on any failures or intrusion.