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Controlling Pumps and Motors


The DiaLog Scout, while only having a single relay output, is a flexible and powerful solution for automatically turn a motor on/off based on combinations of digital and analog inputs WITHOUT having to write a program or ladder-logic.

The Scout provides control by enabling the relay to track when a digital or analog channel goes into alarm conditions. Additionally, the relay can be controlled remotely by calling into the Scout activate the relay.

The relay can be controlled when:

  • A digital/dry input changes from open to closed or visa versa after a given period of time
  • A digital/dry input reaches a total time in a state (e.g. after an hour has been accumulated)
  • An analog input reaches a limit (independent low and high limits)
  • Remote phone call to activate.

What the relay does:

  • At each transition into the conditions listed above, the relay can activate.
  • At each transition out of the conditions listed above, the relay will de-activate.

Some examples:

  • Turn on/off a pump to control the level in a tank.
  • Turn on a horn if the door to a cooler has been open for more than 30 seconds at a time.
  • Turn on a light or horn when a high-level float is activated.
  • Turn on a light or horn when primary power is lost.