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Controlling Pumps and Motors


The DiaLog Elite is a flexible and powerful solution for automatically turning motors on/off based on combinations of digital and analog inputs WITHOUT having to write a program or ladder-logic.

The Elite provides control by enabling the user to specify how relays should be controlled when an input transitions into and out of 'alarm' or 'limit' conditions.

Relays can be controlled when:

  • A digital/dry input changes from open to closed or visa versa after a given period of time
  • A digital/dry input changes state a given number of times (e.g. every 10th time)
  • A digital/dry input reaches a total time in a state (e.g. after an hour has been accumulated)
  • An analog input reaches a limit (independent low and high limits)
  • An analog input exceeds a rate of change (e.g. level drops more than 5000 gallons in 30 minutes)
  • Remotely activate or de-activate one or more relays.

What the relay does:

  • At each transition into AND out of the conditions listed above, the user can specify that one or more relays will be energized, de-energized or do nothing.

Some examples:

  • Turn on/off a pump to control the level in a tank
  • Turn on a light when the gas concentration reaches a low limit and turn on a horn and fan when the concentration reaches a high limit.
  • Turn on a horn if the door to a cooler has been open for more than 30 seconds at a time.
  • Switch to a cell-phone for alarm notification if the primary phone line goes dead.
  • Turn on a light to notify local residents of problems at a water or wastewater station.
  • Control the fans and vents in greenhouses based on temperature and humidity.